Missionary Society

Missionary Society

Contact:  Volante Waters, President

Rehoboth’s Missionary Society was organized early in the history of the church and is another one of the oldest auxiliaries in the church. In the Missionary Society the members work to teach and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. This auxiliary has been and continues to be an integral educational tool of the church. Their activities have expanded over the years to ministering to the handicapped, children, the sick and shut-in, the hungry and the bereaved.

The members participate in group study, seminars and institutes in order to prepare themselves to teach others that God and His love is universal. Any member of the church, man or woman is welcome to join. Missionaries are expected to serve, pray and to contribute faithfully to the spread of the Gospel throughout all nations.

Missionary Officers

V. President                    Arrosa Williams

Treasurer                         Prentis Kie

Financial Secretary        Mattie  Caston-Foust

Chaplin                              Cheryl Morton