Usher Boards

Senior and Junior Usher Boards


Contact: Deaconess Frederica Steward, President

The Senior Usher Board was formed during the pastorate of Reverend John Richards in 1896.  The Senior Usher Board is one of the oldest auxiliaries in the Rehoboth Baptist Church. Members take great pride in greeting fellow members, friends and guests as they entered Rehoboth.  The Board performs a variety of services when needed.

Membership is open to all members of the congregation who are interested in faithfully performing the duties for which this auxiliary was formed. It also provides an opportunity for young adults to become actively in the church by providing services to the membership.

The Junior Usher Board serves as a training ground for the youth of the church to become members of the Senior Usher Board. Youth who are willing to provide Christian service may join the Junior Usher Board. As an Usher you are expected to serve as door-keepers and demonstrate proper conduct in the house of God.


Motto: “If every Usher was just like me, what kind of Usher Board would this Usher Board be?”